5 x 60 / July 2019

Ranked the best force for ‘customer satisfaction’ in the country, the 5,000 staff respond to more than 18,000 calls a week from one of the UK’s most geographically diverse regions, covering more than 2,000 square miles of cities, coastline, forests and open countryside. With top to bottom access to the force, this series follows crimes from murder to motorbike theft and poaching to pub fights, as call handlers, urgent responders, detectives and commanders work around the clock to protect the public and solve their cases. It goes beyond the adrenaline-fueled blue lights, to give profound insight into the real experience of those fighting crime and those who become victims of it.

Set against the bigger social picture of what’s going on in Britain today from increasing violence and evolving contemporary crimes to the challenges brought by social care, inequality, mental health and addiction, with every call, door knock or arrest, the police are dealing with ever changing criminals and communities.

“Excellent” – THE DAILY MAIL

★★★★ “Dramatic scenes” – THE DAILY MAIL

“This makes for more rounded viewing” – THE GUARDIAN

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