2 x 60 / July 2019

For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, two immersive documentaries gave viewers the chance to re-live this awe-inspiring event as it unfolds in real time, with incredible cinematic NASA footage and global news archive. Episode One relives the drama of the launch, while Episode Two focuses on the landing, as the world followed the nail-biting moments leading up to the first ever boot print of Man on the Moon


★★★★★  “[A] remarkable film that uses original footage to relive the drama” – DAILY MAIL

★★★★  “A quirky look at an awe-inspiring mission… Excellent” – THE TELEGRAPH

“Fascinating retro-futuristic stuff” – THE INDEPENDENT

“This thrilling doc takes us back to 1969 to relive the drama of the Apollo 11 launch. The spirit of the space race is invoked through archive interviews and BBC man James Burke’s bubbling enthusiasm, which help convey the scale and suspense of a global event witnessed by a TV audience of 600 million” – THE GUARDIAN

“This is rather lovely. It’s your chance to relive the day of July 16, 1969, when Apollo 11 launched, carrying man to the moon for the first time” – THE TIMES

“History-in-action is certainly the feel of this film, which splices together a wealth of footage from the big day, taking us through the build-up to lift-off, and then the tense wait to find out whether or not the initial stages has been a success” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

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