3 x 60 / Sept 2023

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt tells a story, spanning five decades, of the little known people who took it upon themselves to bring the worst Nazi criminals to justice.

3 x 60 / October 2022

Rise of the Nazis: The Downfall examines the actions of Hitler and his inner circle as the Third Reich faces collapse in the final weeks of WW2.


3 x 60 / February 2022

Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War looks at the story of what many see as the defining conflict of the Second World War – the Eastern Front.


3 x 60 / September 2019

Rise of the Nazis. In 1930 Germany was a liberal democracy. Just four years later democracy was dead, Germany’s leader is a dictator and its government is in the hands of murderers. This series tells the story of how this happened. Leading historians and experts get inside the heads of some of the key players, whose political plotting, miscalculations and personal ambitions helped to destroy democracy and deliver control to Hitler. Then there are those who were prepared to make a stand in order to try to stop the Nazis.

With the intensity of a political thriller, the series sets out the plots and intrigues at the heart of the government, which transformed the Nazis from a fringe political group to the most powerful party in the Reichstag. It outlines the power struggles between prominent Nazis, which transformed Germany into a brutal police state that exercised state sponsored detainment and murder, allowing Hitler to go from being Chancellor to all powerful Führer of the Third Reich. Powerful drama and stark use of archive brings an immediacy to this gripping and resonant story.

The rise of the Nazis is a lesson for all of us who want to preserve democracy today.


WINNER  ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY AWARD ( 2020 Craft and Design Awards – Picture Enhancement: Adam Dolniak)


★★★★★ “Television that is informative, intelligent and surprising – if only there was more of this on BBC Two”–  Anita Singh, THE TELEGRAPH

“Gripping… A grim but fascinating study of tyranny” – MAIL WEEKEND
“Fascinating” – MAIL ON SUNDAY


“★★★★ A new look at how evil grows” – THE TIMES
“A classy documentary” – THE TIMES

“★★★★ An intelligent and surprising insight into evil” – THE TELEGRAPH

“Enlightening” – THE DAILY MAIL

“As gripping as any fictional thriller” – TV INSIDER

“A fresh look at how the Nazis gained power” – THE I NEWSPAPER
“A timely reminder of how quickly democracy can be trashed” – THE I NEWSPAPER

★★★★ – THE TIMES

“Very well done” – THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

★★★★ “Rise of the Nazis review – a history lesson in how easily tyrants take over” – THE TIMES

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