4 x 60 / November 2018

A landmark four-part documentary series examining the extraordinary history of the world’s only hereditary Communist state, North Korea. Looking at three generations over 70 years of Kim leadership, the series explores their motivations, personalities, and family dynamics.

The story begins in 1945 with Kim Il-Sung, a former guerrilla fighter cherrypicked to take control of a fledgling country desperate for leadership; and follows the Kim dynasty through the rule of Kim Jong-Il, and up to the monumental summit between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump in June 2018.

Combining expert insight, first-hand testimony, and one of the largest collections of archival footage related to the Kim dynasty assembled for broadcast, the series provides a look at the Kim family that is more complex and comprehensive than ever attempted before.

WINNER – News & Documentary Emmy Award 2020 (Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction)
NOMINATED – Realscreen Award (2020)


“Filled with rich detail” – CNN

“National Geographic Channel’s Inside North Korea’s Dynasty feels like a timely public service, pulling back the curtain on the story of the Kims, a family of dictators” – CNN

“An excellent overview of the history of the Kim family” – THE WASHINGTON POST

“The Kim storyline, sometimes insanely funny and sometimes just plain insane, makes Inside North Korea’s Dynasty irresistible” – REASON

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