6 x 60 / December 2023

WWII: From the Frontlines combines stunning new footage – much of it unseen until now – with extraordinary stories from the frontlines of WWII.

Colourised and restored using the latest cutting edge techniques, and brought to life with cinematic sound design, this immersive series takes the viewer inside the biggest conflict in history.

Seen from all sides, and featuring powerful testimony from diverse perspectives – men and women, soldiers and civilians – this is the human story of the war.

Year by year – from the Battle of Britain to D-Day, from Pearl Harbor to Stalingrad – the series plunges viewers into the action on the frontlines.

Viewers will experience what it was like to face a kamikaze attack, run with a band of Resistance fighters, ride with GIs during the liberation of Paris or with the Russian Red Army during the final assault on Berlin.

Based on new research, and 8,000 hours of original archive footage from all over the world – much of it never seen before – this epic series brings World War II to life as never before – through the eyes of the people who fought, endured, resisted and survived.


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