Responsible Child

1 x 90 drama for BBC Two
December 2019

Factual drama, based on true cases in the UK, following Ray (a 12-year-old boy) and his experience of the UK legal system that puts him on trial for murder.

WINNER – International Emmy Awards 2020
(Best Performance by an Actor)

(Single Drama)

NOMINATED – Bafta TV Craft 2020
(Breakthrough Talent)

NOMINATED – National Film Awards, UK 2020
(Best Newcomer)

“A 12-year-old is put on trial for killing his stepfather in this heart breaking BBC drama about a hideous absurdity at the heart of British law.” – The Guardian

★★★★★ – “an eloquent argument against a troubling law.” – The Times 




Executive Producers: Mark Raphael, Lucy Richer, Katie McAleese, Karen Wilson, Ayela Butt and Nick Holt

Director: Nick Holt

Writer: Sean Buckley

Editor: Matthew Gray

Producer: Elinor Day

Production Manager: Ingrid Litman

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